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9 Nov 17 - Sound of Stockholm, Stockholm (SE).

25-26-27 Oct 17 - De Facto at Roma Europa Festival, Roma (IT).

23 Sept 17 - Open Source Art Festival, Sopot (PL).

16 Sept 17 - Redbull Music Academy, Ex Dogana, Rome (IT).

4 - 10 Sept 17 - Studio Venezia (Xavier Veilhan), Biennale di Venezia, Venezia (IT).

15 Jul 2017 - Mayhem, Copenhagen (DK).

8 Jul 2017 - MAGA Museo Arte Gallarate, Nextones preview, Milano (IT).

16 Jun 17 - Slam Jam, Ferrara (IT).

1 June 2017 - Kunstraum Walcheturm, OOR's night, Zurich (CH).

25 May 2017 - Die lange Nacht der elektronischen Musik, Dampfzentrale Bern, Bern (CH).

6 May 2017 - Upper Glossa at Nya Perspektiv, Västerås(SE).

2 May 2017 - Kesselhaus Museum, NK project, Berlin (DE).

29 April 2017 - La Mouche sur le Cuir Festival, Lyon (FR).

19 April 2017 - Undular presented by EMS (SE) at Documenta 14, Athens (GR).

31 March 2017 - Variations Festival, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes (FR).

26 March 2017 - Punctum at The Long Now (MaerzMusik, Berliner Festspiele), Berlin (DE).

20 February 2017Goethe Institut, Tokyo (JP).

2 February 2017 - Dj set at Transmediale, HKW, Berlin (DE).

28 January 2017 - Upper Glossa at Art's Birthday Party, Stockholm (SE).

26 January 2017 - Performative talk for The Structure Experiment, presented by Occulto Magazine inside CTM Vorspiel, Acud Macht Neu, Berlin (DE).

2 December 2016Les Urbaines festival, Lausanne (CH).

30 November 2016 – w/ Kali Malone, Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna (IT).

21 October 2016 Disco_nnect 8 years anniversary, Castello di Vincigliata, Firenze (IT).

15 October 2016 – Punctum (+ Sarah Davachi, ∑) at Bootshaus Auf Dem Spreefeld, Berlin (DE).

7 October 2016 – UH FEST, Budapest (HU).

30 September 2016 A-Synth Fest, ST.Gallen (CH)

24-28 August 2016 – Upper Glossa (w/ Kali Malone) at Berlin Atonal 2016, Berlin (DE).

7-22 August - Upper Glossa residency at EMS, Stockholm (SE).

27 June 2016 –  De Facto with Ateliersì, Museo per la Memoria di Ustica, Bologna (IT).

18 June 2016 –  Sere FAI d'Estate, Parco e Castello di Masino, Elita Milano, Turin (IT).

30 April 2016 – Punctum at Nowhere Festival, Ex Dogana, Rome (IT).

26 April 2016 – Masada, Plunge, Milan (IT).

20 March 2016 – The Long Now, MaerzMusik, Berliner Festspiele, Kraftwerk, Berlin (DE).

17 March 2016 – Glory with Kali Malone presented by Tempo Reale, Le Murate, Firenze (IT).

27 February 2016 – Glory with Kali Malone at Fylkingen, Stockholm (SE).

February 2016 – Punctum residency at EMS, Stockholm (SE).

22 January 2016 – Art’s Birthday Party (+ Nurse With Wound, Lustmord, Andreas Tilliander…), Stockholm (SE).

16 January 2016 – Technologies of the Self at Istituto Svizzero for the exhibition by Sally Schonfeldt about Ketty la Rocca, Rome (IT).

11 January 2016 – UHV at Postmodernissimo, Perugia (IT).

6 – 11 January – Residency with Kali Malone at Tempo Reale, Firenze (IT).

27 November 2015 – Maison Salvan, Toulouse (FR).

11 November 2015 – PetSounds, Stockholm (SE).

17 October 2015 – Electropark (+ Kangding Ray & Barry Burns), Genova (IT).

16 October 2015 –  EGH with Enrico Ghezzi & Emiliano Montanari (Blob, Fuori Orario), Roma (IT).

15 October 2015 – MACHINE, Stadlin, Roma (IT).

10 October 2015 – RoBOt, Bologna (IT).

2 October 2015 – C O M M U N I O N & Hencote / Henkot, U.V. #3 (+ Tin Man), Milano (IT).

29 September 2015 – Tempo Reale, Klang, Firenze (IT).

19 September 2015 – PULSE, Innesti Urbani, (+ Furtherset), Padova (IT).

10 September 2015 – Electro Camp Festival, Forte Marghera – Venezia Mestre (IT).

4 September 2015 – UHV at Path Festival (+ Alessandro Cortini, Lory D, Karen Gwyer…), Verona (IT).

30 August 2015 – FLUSSI, Avellino (IT).

30 July - 1 August 2015 – Glory w/ Kali Malone + solo set “This Causes the Consciousness to Fracture” in the Stockholm Drone Society’s showcase, Norbergfestival (SE).

11 July 2015 – Jardins Efémeros, (+ Holly Herndon, Lubomyr Melnyk, Puce Mary…) Viseu (PT).

4 July 2015 – Dancity (+ Holly Herndon, Voices from the Lake, Powell…), Foligno (IT).

21 June 2015 -  Woodpecker, Modulo Fest, MAGMA, Milano Marittima (IT).

14 June 2015 – UHV at Imago Festival, Museo Medievale, Bologna (IT).

20-26 April 2015 - Residency + concert at WORM studio, MIMA Festival (+ Le Révéleteur, Black To Comm, Low Jack and Black Zone Myth), Rotterdam (NL).

21 April 2015 – De Doelen, Rotterdam (NL).

26 March 2015 – Martini Elettrico, Conservatorio di Bologna (IT).

19-20 March 2015 - Lachrymae Odyssey at WORM studio, Fylkingen Art Festival, Rotterdam (NL).

27 February 2015 – Multichannel sound works in 13.1 channel (+Amma Ateria, Manuella Blackburn and Natasha Barrett’s works), Last Fridays, Call & Response, Space Enclave, London (UK).

4 January 2015 – Magazzino Darsena, MAGMA, Cervia (IT).

22 November 2014 – w/ Kali Malone at Granata, Bologna (IT).

15 November 2014 – Morbida release concert at Fylkingen, (+Noveller/Ela Orleans/Medicine Bow/Marta Forsberg), Mother No.16, Stockholm (SE).

5-17 November 2014 – Residency at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), Stockholm (SE).

24-26 October – Sines & Squares, Manchester University, Manchester (UK).

15 October – Neoma, Dæpth 15 (+ Suzanne Ciani, Neotantrik), Macao, Milano (IT).

26 September 2014 – UHV at Ateliersì, Bologna (IT).

21-28 September 2014 – RoBOt festival, workshop and exhibition w/ Icaro Zorbar, MAMbo, Bologna (IT).

24-26 July 2014 – Vertical multichannel performance at Norbergfestival (SE).

19 June 2014 – Lachrymae Odyssey at De Montfort University, Leicester (UK).

17 May 2014 Imago Festival, Tpo (IT).

10 May 2014 – "Guitar Trio"  w/ Rhys Chatham and his ensemble at Angelica, Teatro San Leonardo (IT).

3 May 2014 – Undular at Suona Francese, in collaboration with Tempo Reale (IT).

26 April 2014 – Stockholm Drone Society for Kulturnatten, Reaktorhallen, KTH, Stockholm (SE).

6 November 2013 - Undular premiered at Sound Of Stockholm, Kulturhuset (SE).

2-4 August 2013 – Lachrymae Odyssey at Stockholm Music and Arts, Audiorama (SE).

19 April 2013 – Lachrymae Odyssey premiered at ljudOljud, Audiorama (SE).


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31 August - September 10 2016


Caterina Barbieri contributed to the soundtrack of OVALIS - A Starchild for none (and all) by Emiliano Montanari and Enrico Ghezzi presented at the last edition of the renowned Venice Film Festival (Biennale del Cinema di Venezia).


"The Starchild, the transmental post sign and super-set of the e g h project, lands at Lido like an enigmatic ovoid monolith-mono screen - an uterin cineye-bulb - the metafilmic set of a twin kolossal open to none and all. A white hole overlooking and sucking any image from the Mostra Internazione d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia and from the world - generating a new dawn of the vision"  (Emiliano Montanari & Enrico Ghezzi) more


Egh on RAI.TV


More info soon.



Photos by Camille Blake and Helge Mundt

Secret Thirteen



“a trip deep within the mothership – hypnotic and beautifully disorientating” (The Wire)


"The duo masterfully sculpted minimal Roland synthesiser arpeggios, processed guitar with a discerning use of textures that bound a singular and focused composition. Fundament was a commanding, no-messing-about mediation on tone and subtle textures accompanied by Sadja’s liminal, pastel fragments that bled across the gargantuan vertical projection screen settling the expectant crowd"  (Cyclicdefrost)

"In the beginning there was a dragon battle and and many many died in the wrathful flames of the strongest and most evil dragon but then suddenly the dragon was sliced in the gut by a sword and he withered away into the woods sulking and thinking about all the deaths and sins he did as he bled  out all over the forest floor he prayed for redemption and begged for a lasting fate but he was so weak and crawled into a cave and drifted off into sleep then at dawn he was awoken by the angel of death trying to claim his soul but he wasn't ready to die and fought against the angelic trumpet call with every dissolving breath then he collapsed and the dragon corpse layed flameless and lifeless upon he rocks then the angel lifted his limp carcass up to heaven"  (Upper Glossa, August 2016)                               




Featuring TCTCTF from Barbieri's upcoming album Patterns of Consciousness (Important Records 2016).




Featuring music that enlightened Upper Glossa friendship in sound - debuting soon at Berlin Atonal 2016.

Beloved painting Le Serment des Horaces revisited by Giovanni Civitenga comes back as a symbol of idealist convergence.

Starts at 57''



Jozef Van Wissem - Concerning the Beautiful Human Form After Death

COH - 132

Robert De Visée - Prélude (played by Josè Miguel Moreno)

Alva Noto + Ruichi Sakamoto - Plateux 1

Alexander Zhikharev - Parting Worlds

Ellen Arkbro, Kali Malone - Oktober

Carlo Maria - Mirage

Duane Pitre - Section V, Section II (from Feel Free)

Keiji Haino - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

Caterina Barbieri - Near Collision II

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 © Caterina Barbieri 2017

 © Caterina Barbieri 2017

 © Caterina Barbieri 2017